The Energy Transition Imperative

Just in a few years from now, on current emlssion trends, greenhouse-gas concentrations will go beyond the point where we could "likely" keep global warming below the dire danger threshold of 2 degrees.

An accelerated transition from current conventional fuels to renewable energy sources is vital if we want to avoid the disastrous effects of Global Climate Change.

AMON Consulting focuses on advancing the case of energy strategies that provide measurable benefits from all economical, social and environmental perspectives.

The combination of generation and usage of renewable energy within urban environment is a major challenge, a global and multidisciplinary challenge that constitute an integral part of the Energy Transition

  • Today, more than half of humanity – 3.5 billion people – lives in cities; it is expected that by 2030, almost 60 % of the world’s population will live in urban areas.
  • The world’s cities occupy just 2 % of the Earth’s land, but account for about 70 % of energy consumption and 75 % of carbon emissions.
  • The high population density of cities enables efficiency gains that together with technological innovation can enable human kind to drastically reduce resource and energy consumption.
  • However, such drastic resource and energy consumption reductions will only occur if Citizens - who become both energy producers and consumers - will generalize adoption of energy and resource conscious behaviors at individual and collective levels.

Interview of Jeremy Rifkin introducing "the Third Industrial Revolution", a brilliant and inspiring vision guiding the human journey into the post carbon era.

AMON Management 2012